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Resource library

Tourism, Culture and Sustainable Development

UNESCO (2006)

Tourisme, culture et développement durable

UNESCO (2006)

Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites: a Practical Manual for World Heritage Site Managers

UNESCO World Heritage Paper Series n°1 (2002)


Climate Change. Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector: Frameworks, Tools and Practices

UNEP (2008)

Enhancing our Heritage Toolkit

UNESCO World Heritage Paper Series n°23 (2008)

Trousse à outils : Amélioration de notre patrimoine

UNESCO Cahiers du patrimoine mondial N 23° (2008)

Best Practice Guidelines for Great Ape Tourism

IUCN (2010)

Lignes directrices pour de meilleures pratiques en matière de tourisme de vision des grands singes

UICN (2010)

Criteria for Sustainable Tourism for the three Biosphere Reserves Aggtelek, Babia Góra and Šumava

Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE) and UNESCO-BRESCE (2009)

Practical, profitable, protected. A starter guide to developing sustainable tourism in protected areas

ECEAT in partnership with the EUROPARC Federation (2012)

The contribution of tourism to sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals

BMZ  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Position Paper 2|2011e (2012)

Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020)

European Commission, Directorate-General for Entreprise and Industry (2014)

Sustainable Tourism for Development Guidebook

UNWTO (2013)

Un Tourisme Durable pour le Développement - Guide

OMT (2013)

World Heritage: Challenges for the Millennium

UNESCO (2007)

Patrimoine mondial: défis pour le millénaire

UNESCO (2007)

The Urban Rehabilitation of Medinas : The World Bank Experience in the Middle East and North Africa

The World Bank (2010)

Adapting to change: the state of conservation of World Heritage forests in 2011

UNESCO World Heritage Paper Series n°30 (2011)

UNESCO Pacific World Heritage Workshop (5-9 September 2011, Apia, Samoa)

UNESCO (2012)

Safeguarding Precious Resources for Island Communities

UNESCO World Heritage Paper Series n°38 (2014)

Terrestrial biodiversity and the World Heritage List: identifying broad gaps and potential candidate sites for inclusion in the natural World Heritage network

IUCN (2013)

La biodiversité terrestre et la Liste du patrimoine mondial: identifier les grandes lacunes dans le réseau du patrimoine mondial naturel et les sites candidats

UICN (2013) 

Culture & Development Nº 11

UNESCO (2014)